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Pet Peeves Of A Beta

I have a lot of pet peeves as a beta reader. And I’m going to list the top three which bothers me the most.

#1 Sending the chapters through email

By this I mean that it is the text which is in email. That has been the one thing which was a deal breaker for me. I absolutely hate people who do this.

Why? Tell me how does anyone scroll through an email so long simply because the author send the chapters using the text in email. And expecting the reader to copy paste it.

The moment I see it I will either archive the email or delete it. That is the threshold. You can send a document to me in any other format with the exception of doing that. Heck I won’t even mind reading it on a website over this.

#2 When the paragraphs are huge

This isn’t an issue with me. But sometimes when it is so huge that it takes away from me liking the story then it becomes a problem. A really big problem.

Sometimes it just becomes so big that it takes forever to scroll through. And reduces my ability to even enjoy the story for what it is. I have most certainly enjoyed books that had mid sized paragraphs more. Simply because it was more readable and didn’t require me squinting to know where I have stopped.

#3 People who don’t read my posts

I make them for a reason, a very very good reason. And that main reason is to avoid me trying to tear my hair out when I’m looking at the email. I write what I do for an author, my preferred formats and most importantly how I like things done.

It is not about it being bloated. It is for the sake of the author more than me. I prefer if people were to read them and know what I’m asking for. And when they don’t it’s when it pisses me off.

And one of the main reasons why I swapped to working with a form, I just couldn’t take the idea of people sending me emails without really knowing what I was looking for or how not to chase me off their tail.

And these are things which really bothers me when I beta read, how about you?


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves Of A Beta

    1. Although when I improve my beta selection, I end up with fewer clients. But it works as I’m not really that busy nor wondering just how many more I’m going to get with more people asking me. I even had people who were sending me emails even after months of putting a post to beta omljne. And thanks by the way.

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