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Fierce Like A Firestorm

This was okay. Albeit the sequel wasn’t even as exciting as the first book. But it was readable.

One of the things that this book suffered was a plot so weak, and so little about saving Iris. I did like that there were answers given as to where was Iris and the back story regarding the background of the story.

However it simply didn’t understand or even try to expand on what was known. It was just revealing but nothing that gave the scene any tension.

And I think that the story came from the lack of a good villain. One who would have taken the show, and eventually shown just what he planned.

In this, both sisters are in terrible situations but nothing really expanded on just how bad it was or even how they can get out of it. The story didn’t have any tension or even happen to really get what it meant to have anything really conflicting or understandable.

Overall, I liked the story idea and the writing. But it was the complete lack of conflict in the story that really ruined it at the end of the day.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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