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Terrible Virtue

If anything, this was something that brought me back from a reading slump. A book about the woman who spearheaded the Birth Control Movement. The idea of planned parenthood.

I liked the way that her story was narrated. Unconventional, it worked even as at certain times I found it rather strange to be there.

But it manage to do one thing, it managed to write a good story and recount the tale of a woman. A woman who was as human as she was good. A woman who simply made her choices in life and lived with it.

There was something addictive about how it was written. The fact that Margaret didn’t have the chance to finish her education. Or the fact that her other siblings who went into high school didn’t have much or any jobs.

There was something that kept me reading. And it was the fact that the main character was a woman. She had her own views, but she was never demeaning someone else. She was assertive, able to see what it was to be a woman then.

It was to fear, to simply hope for the best. To let the control be in others because having children is simply something that they have very little control of. And the fact that birth control changed it. It changed how women were viewed and the population from exploding in the twenty first century.

And I marvel at how this story has managed to make me understand her views. And eventually admire her.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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