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Kimetsu No Yaiba

If anything, this manga was refreshing and solid. It doesn’t break any tropes or add any real depth to them, but it doesn’t really rely on them to make a good story.

And at its core, the main characters are rather similar to Fullmetal Alchemist. Both Tanjiro and Edward are seeking for ways to turn their siblings back to normal people. Alphonse getting his body, Nezuko, her humanity. Both of them are not really accepted for their quirks, and both happen to have fathers who are both absent and are incredibly important to the series.

The similarities ends there. As Tanjiro stands out on his own, being a goofy but mature character. Earnest in his dealings, and being a fish thrown out of his water always having the catch up. Not because he doesn’t know better but because he doesn’t know better but also because he has no time to waste. No time at all. And that at any time Nezuko becomes more demonic, both of will be killed by their master.

And Nezuko is loyal to her own brother many times over, and being incredibly powerful. Using her own power most of the time, and being able to do quite a lot. As for her personality since she does not speak it is difficult to gauge. Even as her character is outstanding due to the piece of bamboo she is chewing on.

The artwork isn’t particularly gorgeous but is quirky and suits the story very very much. And the characters take some time before I start getting really used to them and liking them. Although I am very much confused by the names of the characters which feels very similar to one another.

Ranging from Zenjiro whose only dream is to as it is seems get a girlfriend and was forced to become a demon hunter. To a guy raises by boars and dresses like one. I leave that to your imagination. Neither does it take time to raise the stakes, and has a fight show just how terrifying the upper moons are.

If anything, this is refreshing, drawing on certain similarities and common things seen in shonen manga but having them play out differently and the rules of the world changes their situations entirely. This is solid in making it stand out and the story doesn’t waste time and picks up pretty quickly.

And if you’re adverse to reading manga, there is an anime adaption coming out next year.


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