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This wasn’t completely what I expected but I really liked how the world expanded. And found that the Thunderhead was pretty interesting despite being AI.

One of the things that really bothered me about the story had been how the characters seemed a lot less in danger. Rowan’s side was nice to know, but I would rather see how he dealt with scythes above anything else. Citra was effectively boring. Her perspective didn’t add anything apart from certain secrets about it which could have been showed through other characters.

And then the side characters in my expectations was pretty flat. None of them really added anything into the world. The utopia has many flaws and I do like how to see how they exploited it.

And that this book dealt with relevant issues. AI is on the verge of becoming real, although the only thing that is nowhere getting near eradicated had been mortality. It is also about whether having someone like the Thunderhead will be a good thing.

It isn’t overall. And I do liked to see how it could have dealt with them. It doesn’t offer much insight, although it goes into depth. And for such a work, having a clear idea on what it wanted to explore is key. The world is perfect but no world is, there is always some cracks beneath the surface.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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