There has been some changes in how I’ll be doing things from now on. My blog will still be around, although I’m at a stage of rethinking a lot of things that made me work.

And this is a stage which I think is more for me to figure out how I should proceed as a writer. I’m considering self publishing and also learning to promote my own work. Which caused me to make my plog and patreon page private. I still have other things, but for now the focus is more onto figuring out just where I should head next.

After a year of almost no progress, I figured that it was time to mull over my own goals and figure out where I should do next or decide to figure out in the future. This was something that I needed to do because of how I had no idea just what I was doing. And through many months of experimentation there was little to no success.

So, this will be my main blog for the time being. And if you’re interested in getting more things or regular updates when I post a new post, please subscribe to my mailing list.

Have a good Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Have you tried writing and publishing flash fiction or short stories? I found that was a good way to ease into the business. Also, writing short is great for improving your writing, forcing you to be more efficient and conscious of word choice and sentence/paragraph structure.

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    1. Thanks, at this stage I’m just reconsidering my options and I think that’s a good option too. For now, it is mostly for me to figure out where I can go next
      And what I can leverage. Yeah, although I need to figure out what will be the best option for me.

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  2. I definitely understand where you are coming from. I’ve been so busy lately with everything and haven’t had time to even blog. As for my writing goals, I’m trying to figure out what makes the most sense.

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    1. Thanks, and good luck to you in figuring out your writing goals. I’m taking a break from chasing and taking a chance to breathe and think. I have been thinking on changing the pacing for a little while as well while I’m figuring out on my next course of action.

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