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Heart Of Thorns

If this was a book which wanted to be both dark and full of classic YA. It failed.

Mia has absolutely zero reasons to be here. For lack of better word. She is one of the most uninteresting characters. What does she do? Absolutely nothing. Does she gain any sort of agency? Barely.

And what happens in the book simply had me eyerolling so much. What does the hot prince do when he is saved by her. Run away with her.

Where is his sense of duty and loyalty to his family. Out the window the moment Mia came into the picture. I get that she is grateful but a better way in the story to show it will have had been to show it through him trying to change his country. And trying to accept the reality.

And trying to change it from within. Not run away with your bride. He doesn’t act like a future ruler of his country, where he needs to protect his people above all.

And the next was the pointless adventure they set out on. What was the point? Nothing. The story doesn’t have any sense of direction just where it should go and how it should have focused. All of it was mostly on senseless decisions just so the plot can be there.

It doesn’t work.

The writing is bland, the characters have zero motivations. Mia had her own misgivings about not marrying the Prince. And she doesn’t act on them. What sort of Princess I sthga?

Overall, disappointed at the book. The world building was intriguing to an extent, mostly on how Gwyrach came to be. Otherwise, the handling of the characters and plot was terrible.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


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