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No Game No Life

If anything, this was incredibly clever. In all ways that I was surprised at the twists of each episode.

And each of them were well planned out, thought out and actions served a purpose in their own way. Even in 12 episodes, I feel as though a lot has happened since the beginning of the story.

It is extremely clever in the way it handles the characters. You have a child genius but she isn’t the whole charm of the story. That right goes to her elder brother. He is the one who figures out mostly everything and explains to the audience. Even if he is still relying on his sister for answers.

And even characters that aren’t all that important play a role. Because they are limited and not god like, still human and only capable of thought. And with the world decided by games, it means that wit is how people win. Much more over abilities.

Especially as the battles here often go between people who can fly, read your minds or do some incredible magic. But it is intellect and strategy, bluffing, which gains the victory at the end of the day.

Even as I know that they will win every game, one of the biggest charm comes from knowing that enemy has more abilities than them and often the odds are stacked against them. It makes me wonder how they will even prevail in the first place. Or how they could even manage to win.

That creates tension because it just seems so absurd, but it works because of the mind and strategy. Which is the entirety of this show.

If anything, this was a subversive entertaining ride in its right. With charming characters and well executed plot, if you’re up for a challenge of trying to wrap your head then it is for you.


4 thoughts on “No Game No Life

      1. Yup, with sixteen of them. And I feel that when they do it will be when they take down the God of the realm (which will bring the story to an end)


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