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Nyxia Unleashed

I guess YA isn’t just for me anymore. Or reading books in my favorite genres here.

Emmett has lost all of what made him interesting. For lack of better word. He is just focused on the small things and little else. He doesn’t suggest or even say anything. He doesn’t want anything.

And the moment that happened the story just lost it. Nyxia got to me because Emmett took the opportunity. It made sense for him to have chosen to do it at the end of the day. He had his own selfish reasons and that made the book all the better.

Here there is no place where tension is well handled, or the writing even that entertaining. It is all about how fast things can come and go. How much can happen. A lot of people die here but do I know anything specific here, not really. The story just lost some of the biggest things which made it interesting to say the least.

And thus this just really disappointed me as a whole.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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