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The Last Mrs Parish

I really enjoyed this far more than anything else. A story about two women. One who wants to climb her way to the top no matter how she gets there, the other the perfect wife who seems to be unaware. Or is she?

This story takes these perspectives and makes them entertaining. Especially Daphne’s twist that it suits the premise so much. I expected that it will have been purely Amber’s side of the story but the moment I jumped over to her side it just made me love the story even more.

Daphne’s one was of a fairytale gone wrong. That no matter how picture perfect her life was, deeper down there was something so very wrong. And I liked the twist. It made sense. It was a play on the expectations and surprised me in a way that I didn’t fully expect.

And made this an even better fit at the end of the day. The story worked from then on. Amber’s smug attitude, and Daphne’s own vindication and plan to set herself free. I liked and admired Daphne, sure she took advantage of it. But it made her much more human than anyone else at the end of the day.

She was stuck in a terrible situation and was surviving. Amber gave her the chance to leave and she took it. It was a case of playing each other. Amber thought she was the one doing all the manipulating, but it turned out that Daphne had more to do with her ending up as Mrs Parish.

The title oddly fits. Giving the feeling of suspense to know who will remain and last as Mrs Parish.

Overall this entertained and gave the feeling that perfection is often a myth. And if you cut corners to the top, sometimes you might find yourself burned.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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