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Dance of Thieves

This was readable. Any more than that. Not really. The writing was the best part. The story, not really.

The POVs were virtually indistinguishable. At this point third person will have been a much much better choice. Giving the world a bigger worldview without feeling that it is too narrow. Although it had the benefit of being just one perspective.

So it has that advantage at the very least. But another that I felt was wrong with the way that it went had been the story. It was something that was too vague. It lead somewhere and at the same time it did not lead anywhere. There was not anything really implicit in the story or really anything that made this really memorable or entertaining.

There were returning characters. But I’m fine with them not serving a role of any sort. And the story begins on a good note. But it doesn’t expand on the world at all. It doesn’t really have anything. The story or either Jase or Kazi was incredibly paper thin.

I didn’t understand their motivations. I didn’t know what they were living for. Jase mentioned his family but often it just felt so superficial and made no sense.

Overall I liked the writing. But I felt that the world had been sorely lacking and the characters were underdeveloped.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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