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Grace And Fury

For once I’m really really bored at the story. The only interesting point had been how the story turned from Serina to Nomi.

I did like the idea. But eventually it was just so filled in drudgery. There wasn’t much of anything else that really caught my attention apart from that. And that it wasn’t so interesting.

Or at least really interesting or even something that really caught my attention at the end of the day. I didn’t really like the story or even how it was going at any point. This just failed to really grasp my attention at all.

The whole world was meant to be cruel. But it felt as though it had been taken out of most Imperial Chinese harem stories. Where one woman must fight for the love of the Emperor(Heir).

Yep, sounds like a typical Chinese drama after all.

And after all this, they didn’t even highlight just how ridiculous the whole situation is. Or how unhealthy it has to be. Or what about those who were simply forced into it with no choice of their own. Thrown into this pit to survive and never let another way out.

They either fail or live. Failure will mean a life of loneliness, death and tragedy. Even when they win it is something that it is incredibly lonely. It is works like this whcih makes me feel as though it is simply beautifying the entire situation without any understanding on just how terrible it is.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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