2018: Reflection

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Mi Yue Zhuan

This is largely the year I experimented more and branched out a lot more than before. I’m still surprised at how things have gone in just a year. Especially with how I turned to beta reading and began to review books less.

Next year will see a similar trend as I’ll be more busy in school. And that I’m thinking of a couple of ideas lately just that I haven’t come up with anything solid as of now. And I don’t think that it’s a bad thing.

Writing wise, I’m rather impressed. As every year I look back on my old writing and realise just how things have changed for me. And this year is where I feel that I have hit my stride at last, and began to write things that I truly enjoyed writing and exploring just what it could do.

Both of my works interest me in different ways, one is more to the characters because they are grey in nature and secretive about their thoughts and secrets. Which meant that I spent a lot more time talking about their actions, and hinting about their backgrounds more than outright telling it. The other is just a lot, a lot of fun. But still tests me in seeing what sort of vision I had when I was talking about the whole idea of fate.

Another thing is how this year really was a year where I grew. A year where I took the chance to really explore and stretch myself as a person. To really see what I was truly made of as compared to all the other times.

And by the end of it, I am feeling very very happy with how things turned out for me. I found a new hobby, my social circle expanded as much as I enjoyed my life now. There are challenges of course, but I feel that this year as a whole had been something that allowed me to really think what mattered.

And what I should be doing in the next year. My plans for the next year for this blog will likely change and eventually differ from it at the end of the day.


5 thoughts on “2018: Reflection

    1. Well that’s mostly because I almost read a book every day. This year I’m aiming for a more modest goal of a 100. Since I’m getting pretty bored and want to handpick the books better.

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