2019: New Direction

This is the year I decided to take a chance to change the way I did things. Or at least change how I’m going to continue with my blog.

There will be book reviews but they will take a lesser presence as I will began to focus more on personal life and the challenges of growing up. Which has impacted me rather heavily. In the previous two months I underwent a major revamp of my blog. And I upgraded to a new plan.

Another thing is how I discovered a new hobby which is making music. Something that helped me whenever I needed to write, and got me to really appreciate music even more. As much as I did this foray because I really wanted to try a hand at it and mostly because I wanted to make a game and figured that this could be a good way to save costs.

And this to me gave me a chance to think how I was going to continue. Did I just want to have a good time reviewing books or do I want to do more here?

So as of now it will include more personal things and also the observations I have in life. And the books which I review will be far more meaningful and in depth than before. And I’ll also spend time analysing fiction and how it relates to us as people.

And this is also a year where I’ll be exploring my other options as a writer, as I have more spending power and options than I did in previous years. With less restrictions and more options.

And I may or may not think about developing a writing website (that itself will require a lot of work but I learned a lot about web development in my first year. And also how many things I need to know for a website to work well.)

This is also the year I’ll focus on expanding my own skillset and options. And I’ll likely blog about it as well, so keep an eye out for that.

I’m also planning to spend more time on writing short stories and submitting them to publishers. Although I’m focusing purely on historical fiction short stories for the time being.

Overall, this is mostly a year more on finding what I should go for next. I love reading and all but so far I think I need to read a little less(around 100 books) before I really have a reader burnout and find myself with absolutely nothing to read. And instead I’ll be looking into other media more heavily. Anime, Manga, TV, movies and video games.

What are you aiming to do this year? Leave then in the comments below.


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