2019: Goals

I have many goals for 2019, and some of them are here for now. This is the year where I emerge from it all.

  1. Finish a full volume of my own work
  2. Earning back the money that went into my blog
  3. Learn more about copywriting and editing
  4. Continue to learn music and game development as a side hobby
  5. Learn a bit on graphic and fashion design

These are the things I’ll be looking into when the new year comes. The first is mostly something that I have resolved myself to although I doubt I will give myself the go ahead to publish. But it will be there.

The second was for me to realize that I needed to really learn to recoup the investment I made on the blog. And also at the same time hope to make enough money to support my own learning.

The last three are personal goals to really let me have fun. I realized that I’m nowhere good enough to think about going professional but those are things are that I have an interest in and also able to pick things up. So I’ll only do them if I have the time. But my focus will still always be on writing. For now.

What about you? What are your goals for 2019?


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