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This was okay. It wasn’t anything that really surprised. It entertained all right but it never managed to really get me to keep on reading.

The best part about the story had been the subplot of Sasuke. That was incredibly interesting and the ending surprising. I liked that completion because it managed to surprise me in many many ways.

And the closing chapters. It made sense for everyone except Emika. Why? Because Emika is a pretty boring character.

She has zero motivations to really be chasing this sort of thing, and has almost no plot importance despite being the main character. Does it deal with her background of her father? Nope. Does it make her face her problems? Nope.

She is the outsider in her own story. She doesn’t have any plot significance. You could replace her with anyone else and the story still would have played out the same. Heck it could have made Emika a guy and Hideo gay and it still would not have changed the beats of the story.

And the supporting cast was only mildly better. I am stressing on it. Everyone except Jax, Hideo and Sasuke are irrelevant. Roshan and Tremaine are nice, but they do not affect the plot much other than to give Emika a reason to sneak into Hideo’s fancy mansion.

It is an intimate story. Of a brother who post himself searching for his other. I’m not kidding. It didn’t touch into other aspects of Warcross. The wrong sides of it, the more interesting elements of the Dark World.

And then comes Taylor. Her character was bland. She isn’t evil, she is simply a villain because someone has to be. Hideo was a good villain because it was unexpected. He had decent motivations. Zero was bizarre but his back story had been fascinating. Taylor just showed up in the last half of the story for entirely no reason.

As for Jax, I wish there was more to her than just a girl who could kill people with a shot and dislikes her mother for some apparent reason.

Overall, the weakest point of the story had been the characters. In the Young Elites Adelina took the center stage, she made things happen because she wanted them. Here, regardless of what Emika does she is entirely useless to the entire plot of her story.

Rating: 3 out of 5


3 thoughts on “Wildcard

      1. Yes! It was the same case with Champion. Her Legend series. At the time I read it I didn’t mind it. It was definitely better than Prodigy.

        There seemed to be a plan behind the story. Which I think it’s another issue she has. Simply put Champion could’ve been a lot better. Though I do feel like that’s been her best conclusion novel.

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