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Carols And Chaos

If there is something that I know I dislike about a regency romp, this will be it.

Kate and Matt ate entirely bland and boring. They are proper as people are in those times. But unlike the one time it actually worked, because there were actually consequences. There isn’t anything that really mattered to Kate.

And thus making the entirety of the plot a series of events that get Kate to fall in love. Not seeking love. The one time that it did work was the time when they actually had some agency. Some legitimate agency which drove her to do something.

Something that this book lacked. Honestly, I do like to read books set in this time period about the people who we knew exist but was always demonized. The outcasts, the one who broke the norms of society. Why? Because they wanted something badly enough that they didn’t mind to trade something.

They didn’t care whether they will end up having terrible reputations. And many many famous people in history certainly had controversial opinions and outlooks. Look at all the famous American presidents they were great people but not without flaws. Look at history of some of the greatest rulers, they all had their quirks.

This work just lost the biggest thing that kept it interesting. The willingness to imagine something different, though historical women were not that far off from modern women. There were many forward thinking ones, as much as there are still many today who believe that a woman’s place is in the home.

The story didn’t need to following the regular Regency life down to a rulebook. Things were not hard and fast then, there were plenty of restrictions. But there are still things that kept is separate from others.

And here is where I feel the author simply didn’t imagine and stuck to what she knew will work. And will not be taken by many as fake. But at the same time it simply lost originality and great, memorable characters with proper motivations.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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