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When is a manuscript ready?

This is something that is more or less debated time and time again. Whether the writer should debate over the placing of every word or just let it be.

I feel as though there is a time where I simply should just let it go. Telling myself that nothing is perfect and my work will not be for some.

But when is a manuscript truly ready?

There isn’t. We all improve as writers and there is no good beginning work, and there is no good ending work. There is simply constant improvement as a writer. And for some, deterioration.

We all constantly grow as a writer, whether for the better or worse. And for me, I realised that and stopped wondering whether I could do a story better. I stopped thinking that there will be a next time.

And I realized that the only way I could complete a manuscript was to admit that there was no looking back. Was to do the best I could do each chapter and to write them the best I could.

I stopped thinking that there will have been a next time and thinking that I could fix it. Because I tended to change so completely by the time I got to the editing phase. For me to stick to something was to make it impossible for me to change at the end of the day.

For me, getting it ready didn’t involve editing. I have constant issues doing that. I have constant issues trying to stick with something. And whenever I put the idea off I ended up writing something completely different from what I had in mind.

And thus, I came to the conclusion that there is no real way to get a manuscript ready. And it just depends on the writer.

What about you? How do you get your manuscript ready


10 thoughts on “When is a manuscript ready?

  1. Honestly, I agree with you that a manuscript may never be ready for publication, but it gets to a point where we need to stop working on the story. For me, all I can do is edit it like crazy, have someone else review it, and then send it off to an agent.

    It’s a scary venture for me, but it’s one I have to do for myself.

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    1. I agree too. And I’m learning that now. And the strangest method I had was to write one chapter at a time and post it online that way I won’t change and all I’m doing is polishing the writing and making minor edits to make it more smooth. The story is untouched.


  2. It’s easy to say that a manuscript is never ready. As you say here, there is always more you can do–more edits and revisions, more peer reviews. But there comes a time when you just have to take the plunge and send it off.

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      1. And I’m still trying to learn that. Even as I just completed a short story which needs edits before I submit it. (It has been torn apart by my beta readers and I’m still grateful for it.)

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