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The Devil’s Bible

This was pretty entertaining. Although nothing compared to Bohemian Gospel it was still very likeable and I enjoyed the story quite a bit as well.

It goes to the modern world where Mouse is on the run from her father. The story is competent. Incredibly do. It handles all the moments well, and gives Mouse enough depth to not make her a doormat.

But at the same time it doesn’t have the charm that Bohemian Gospel had. The medieval setting benefited the story and when it was taken away it wasn’t really replaced with anything equally stimulating.

Angelo was nice and provided her with reasons to stay alive. But I feel that the story never really taught her anything about her own abilities. But she hasn’t faced anything of her sort head on as well. This element of it doesn’t seem to be there. It doesn’t seem to exist.

And this carries over to make it satisfactory but nothing amazing. It is about Mouse, but there is no growth in her character. Nothing that she engineered from scratch to make herself trust it.

It just makes it interesting but never memorable. For a story that captivated me, this is disappointing that the author couldn’t continue to surprise me or even make me feel even more.

But at the same time I still made it to the end and most certainly wanting to read the next book. Maybe it is simply a case of middle book syndrome.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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