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Daughters of the Storm

If anything I am bored by the story. There is just too many of the POV characters and only around two of them are really well characterized.

I couldn’t care less about Rose and her love affair and the dubious nature of her heir. Her other sisters were just there. The only two which seemed to take a stand had been one which listened to magic. And Bluebell.

And to add onto the five sisters, there are even more POVs. Like the guards, some random dude. Some king that Rose cheated upon. I mean, I like the premise and all but this is just plain confusing.

There is no rhyme or reason. If the beginning is promising five characters, go with it. There are just way too many of them, and even for some of them they don’t really give me a good feel of the world and what is important to them.

The story is about some King, who is about to die. And his daughters feel that something is weird. Although this could have went down the family drama route, trust me those can be fascinating. Given just how sibling rivalries tend to be complex on both ends, and combine it with kingdoms it can really become interesting.

It really could have told and highlighted all the issues. All five sisters had been rather estranged, each pursuing their own path. Overall this just took way too long to get the plot interesting. But this had promise.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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