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Why Won’t I Finish Divergent?

Till this day I have never finished Allegiant. Divergent came at the height of my teen years, with a movie and everything. But why won’t I finish it no matter how bad the ending was.

#1 The ending really killed it

The ending was absolutely ridiculous, as much as the rest of the story was. The themes were good, but it never did a good job of exploring what it meant to assume that stereotypes exist because they do. To have it so ingrained that breaking out is bad.

That to stand out was dangerous. Divergent represented outliers, people who saw the world in a way that was unique to their own and never more. But never more than that.

I will have liked it to feature some of the biggest questions. Social isolation, ostracizing, hatred and hate crime. That will have been nice. And will have given a huge realism to Divergent.

#2 The Pacing was awful

If there is anything Divergent was really bad at, it was pacing. I mean it. It took near to the end for the major plot to kick in. And after that Insurgent completely baffled me more than anything else.

There was no clear idea on what to focus, how to focus. Whether to was a society as a whole or otherwise. Whether it could be about genetic alterations. Not to mention the cookie cutter characters, the rather poorly handled romance, and eventually the fact that Tris was a wholly bland character who was a doormat.

#3 The message was all over the place

If there is anything Divergent had it was this. The ending was terrible because it simply made absolutely no sense whatsoever. There was no clear follow through motif, no idea just what should be in the ending book. The second book didn’t even highlight the issues, or even really add anything.

Divergent was a teen drama set in a dystopian world. It didn’t really explore the depths and the whole idea of people separated by virtues was useless. It fell apart the moment someone brought it carefully under scrutiny.

And the whole message was never told. Is it bad or is it good? The whole idea of the big bad was to simply have something to let the characters do. It was simply a plot, a plot that didn’t motivate, provoke any form of thought. Nothing about the world seemed carefully planned out or even well thought out.

Divergent will have been better as a more exploratory slow work. It could have touched deeper about the themes of people who didn’t exactly fit in and the fact that many even now still suffer from it. They are shunned, disliked, hated, ostracized, demeaned and demonized.

And I feel that this is a story that the author simply didn’t have the chance to really think of the trilogy as a whole. She thought of it in simply three books, but never how all of it will come together. And thus why I won’t finish it. I simply don’t find the point of it.


6 thoughts on “Why Won’t I Finish Divergent?

  1. Completely agree! I just couldn’t get into the second book – it felt so off course with what happened in the first. I quite enjoyed the first one but after a few chapters of book 2, I set it down. I don’t think I’ve even watched the films – maybe the second but I don’t remember what happens šŸ˜‚ I just didn’t enjoy them all that much.

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    1. I never really did too. The ending for book two had not made me interested. And most of the book two in general. And of course, why watch something that you don’t enjoy.


  2. I finished all three books and was highly disappointed. When the movies came out, I was hopeful but as usual they botched them, and then didn’t even finish making them. So disappointed!

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