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Escape From Houdini

I was expecting something more exciting. The story had managed to entertain me, and it still does but I feel that the middle was just too bloated.

One thing that kept this series from feeling the drag had been that each book presented a different a mystery. Something fresh. Stalking Jack the Ripper in my opinion was the best book so far. As it has more personal stakes.

The story doesn’t really do the same thing here, but it does make an attempt at including personal stakes for Audrey. In the form of her cousin Liza and Thomas. Both of which was interesting at the end although I wished that she was put in more danger.

The situation here is that she is removed from the story. As furthest as possible. And she happens to meet a mysterious man named something who served as nothing more than a red herring. This really impacted the series as a whole. And even setting her up with him and having little chance for Thomas to really shine.

One thing that kept me reading was the well written banter and development of their relationship. They never lose themselves in the process. Thomas respects Audrey and continues to treat her as an equal. And doesn’t hover over her with the ending having a nice quality to it.

These characters are saying goodbye because they have to. It doesn’t mean that they will forget each other, it also means that they still have separate lives out of each other. Something that I feel YA needs to do better on. With most of its heroines barely having a life outside of their love interests.

But other than that, the plot was lackluster. The last part held my interest and how the murders were linked together. Using tarot cards is rather intriguing as it will require a bit of skill in figuring the basics out. But all else I didn’t like the execution.

It was rather clunky with poor execution with most of the murders feeling rather hasty and just being there with nothing linking them together. Not until the end. And the reveal to me felt very very much like The Inspector’s Call. It is almost strange to see just how alike it is. The actions of a few led to the death of just one person, except here was on just one event which led to the indirect death of one person.

Overall this was much more disappointing than both of the previous books. But it still managed to entertain and I’ll still check out the next book.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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