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Batman: Nightwalker

The one thing that bothered me the most about the story here had been how unbelievable it was.

It turns out Bruce Wayne had to do community service in an asylum. I’m pretty sure that majority of all teenagers do not get assigned that. As most of them will be helping at orphanages or hospices instead. It makes the most sense since the above two groups are the most vulnerable.

Not in an asylum for prisoners. Mentally unstable prisoners who have proved that they were mentally unsound several times over. It isn’t even all that funny. It simply feels and sounds wrong.

And it doesn’t make any sense. Bruce could have entered it in better ways, break into prison because he’s a vigilante. He’s a teenage Batman. There could be many ways.

And if he doing it because he was on community service, I’m seriously wondering what’s wrong with the world there.

And the story clearly doesn’t make it any better for making him a better character. He is incredibly boring, he has zero motivation to be here as he was forced to be in the place.

He has no reason to get close to a possibly unhinged girl who had murdered people before. Yes, she shows no remorse and has a really messed up past. But seriously there are people who can withstand that and still smile afterwards. She simply broke through the pressure. She simply needs to answer for the crimes she did knowingly.

Overall, this story just made me roll my eyes several times over. Pity because I liked the author and most of her works.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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