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The Promised Neverland

Contrary to what many thought I never really got into the series. It got good then it didn’t. And after a while I just didn’t care about the series enough.

It had a unique premise, I’ll give it that but it also brought a lot of problems too. At times it just dragged. The story didn’t know how to sustain the interest I had in the work. The characters to me felt really underdeveloped.

On some level it was because of the fact that it was child main characters. It just made me want to suppress my disbelief on many many levels. And later on after they left the house it just lost the real thing that truly interested.

And the character writing at times was bland. Emma had a very weak character development and growth. She doesn’t face any really hard realities, nor does she have any regrets. And the time when she left the Gracefield house there just wasn’t anything that kept me reading.

I didn’t care for Norman or Ray. Though I was more intrigued with both of them. And the story gave them better development. And I did like some of the twists the series used in the beginning.

But it lost me shortly afterwards. When they left met up with some guy. It just didn’t seem to have enough intensity to keep it going. The world didn’t expand to my liking, introducing plenty of characters. But were any of them really memorable. Chapter 70-80 took a turn in the direction it went.

And after that it just didn’t manage to catch me in any way at all. The demons weren’t really expanded and I found the characters lacking in charm that caught me.

The early parts worked because it was so much on the contents shifting alliances. To escape the Gracefield house. And to understand what it meant.

The question of who is Mom, is she the kind woman that we see her act as. Or something much more sinister. She was one of the most entertaining villains of them all, but when her time was up I felt that the story didn’t manage to find another character like her that thwarted them at every way.

And that was why after a while I dropped The Promised Neverland. Perhaps another day I might come up and like the story more. But for now I feel that it is time to simply move on. It was nice for a while but it wasn’t for me.


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