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Oath Sworn

This was fairly decent. The story managed to grip me at certain sections and having me feeling something for them. There was some growth which to me is rare in many books nowadays.

The story just took too long to get going or really good. But when it does it really had me to continue reading it. The beginning had caught my attention, giving a sense of anticipation. And I did hope for something more to have explained what was going on there.

I feel as though there was too little explanations. The world didn’t really come alive and I was mostly really confused as to the terms, and the background. And the characters too, for most part as there wasn’t enough exposition on them. And what they were. Or at least having their characters motivation defined early.

Although later on I managed to grasp the plot, even as I feel that it could have been made more prominent in the beginning. And the first chapter to be a little more to the point.

Overall, it had managed to intrigue me enough to finish it. Although I would have liked for it to have been clearer and more straightforward.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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