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The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

This was something that I just couldn’t get into. Because of the huge paragraphs which made reading an eyesore. I guess this book could have won more of my patience if it had been shorter and less likely to make me want to let my eyes bleed while I’m reading this.

The story did have an interesting beginning and good writing. All the while touching into some of the more controversial topics. The topic of transgender people and their place in Indian society. Although it includes both Indian and Muslims.

But the failings of it was that there is as almost nothing happening in the background at all. Nothing was really about the plot and there was a ton of description.

And even up until the 100 page mark, I had virtually no idea just what the story wanted to do at all.

In previous times this may have worked or people were willing to sit down to slowly trod through this sort of writing. And then realize what was the beauty of it. But for it won’t work.

I prefer stories written in clear language but so much that it comes alive on its own. Dialogue which serves the purpose of being meaningful and memorable. Not like this where there are so much but nothing seems to really stand out.

The writing makes it difficult for me to really want to get into the story. And that is for me on a good day where I have nothing better to do.

Overall, the writing with hue paragraphs did it for me. Perhaps it’s for some but for most readers like me, I feel that it really isn’t worth the effort to try and dig into it and find the good parts.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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