The Myth Of Game Development

The biggest myth of Game Development is that it is mostly about design. The truth is there is a lot more to that. Game development requires a lot of object oriented programming as it is focused on user experience as well as as designing levels meant for a player.

Hence it requires a lot of understanding how to design attributes to a specific object. And that is object oriented programming. And a major difference between languages like Javascript, Python and C#, Java.

There is a difference between these two.

And hence comes the myth of game development.

It doesn’t require much programming background.

This is wrong. It requires a huge amount of programming and knowing how to apply it in the real world context. Game logic is to make a complex system of programs that will come together to ensure a good playing experience. And challenging the mind is hard, too easy and it becomes mindless, to difficult and you won’t have any players.

Anyone who is committing to this will mean picking up a rather difficult language to learn and also trying to figure out how game engines work.

And it also means knowing how to combine this with visual graphics. Even if you were using JavaScript it will still be a limitation as it will be limited to only working on the web browser.

That itself is something a programmer has to.

And goes deeper to something else. The difference between programing and coding. But that is for another day. Back to this, one of the things that makes this an even harder field is the fact that it is a lot of work.

Think of a regular game. Then think of in programming terms. That’s where it gets complicated.

Just to have the player move using simple controls is the work of programs. To attack is a program itself. And that is just a local program on your computer. Sending it out to a world is something new in its entirety.

And that is why many have preferred to use sites which allows users to develop their own story games there. It is much easier than to create one from scratch. The truth of game development is a lot of thought, a lot of understanding. And a lot of time will be spent just working on it.

And it is something I learned when I had the chance to really look into game development.


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