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The Spiritglass Charade

I guess I should have known better than I really didn’t feel like wanting to read any more Victorian mystery novels. And even way back in 2016, my expectations had been pretty low.

And this just proved me right in the scale that I should have stayed away from it. Mostly because within the 100 page mark nothing has happened. And it was done in such a fantastic way that I was trying my best not roll my own eyes.

It did so by throwing in historircal figures which had no place in the story. Princess Alexandra of Denmark. And also Queen Victoria.

And then add in a few Sherlock Holmes characters. And it was done. But there was nothing that kept me reading. Miss Holmes is bland and so is Miss Stoker. Neither of them have any defining traits and reading from their perspective had been irritating if a little difficult.

Especially when the story merely focused on two things: female versions of the character and written for young adults.

It isn’t even the best stories that I have seen it produce from such an era. And such a mystery series. And I never did really like the book but it did leave me a good enough impression to give this one a try and I had nothing else to read.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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