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Y is for Yesterday

I was expecting a little more coming from the work. Or at least to feel how it should be. Dark, grim with one twist after another.

It just didn’t come. Fritz was nice but his death had came too early. And a big mistake was how it had almost nothing to do with the main character. Even when it was split between multiple points of view nothing really caught me.

Nothing about how Iris was coping a traumatic experience. Even ten years after the incident I was holding for some form f lingering effects. It is bound to happen. Being sexually assaulted is an experience that would have a profound effect on anyone. And when her perspective was put into place, it almost had no place.

And then comes the mystery. There was no source of tension. There was no real grimness to it. Or the clues were there. There was evidently no mystery at all. Despite the book promising it, there was no follow through.

And that’s what left me utterly baffled by how the premise was crafted when the story was the furthest thing from it. The main character was removed from this and I felt nothing even when the story came to a close. And the ending sentence was really out of place.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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