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The Fall of Innocence

Her story to an extent was right. She had been through a difficult and tremendously hard experience. The author had been able to show it, and show it well.

It highlights the fragility. And also the fact that victim blaming is common. The main character is blaming herself for her own actions. As though it was her own fault. And that is something that happens very very often.

As much as it shows that her entire family suffers because of the assault. Her mother has to learn to cope and help Emilia get back on her own two feet. And there are repercussions.

As much as I would have liked this story being about Emilia getting over it. In some way or another and start living her life. It is hard, but I realize that the story needed that. It just felt so empty towards the end where it just ended in an anticlimactic way.

It would have been better if Emilia had came to some sort of resolution. She doesn’t need to fully get over it. But she must be able to recognize that she needs to start.

But I love how the issues and how the emotional scar that it has left on her was shown. Even as I did want her to show a bit more of agency. But she is rather uncertain and thus it suits her.

Overall, I felt that the issues was dealt with carefully. It had some great moments even as I felt that it could have ended on a better note.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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