Shadowhunters: Overrated

To be honest I find Shadowhunters overrated. Even though it was the obsession of my teenage years now that I’m matured and haven’t read the books for over a year I managed to wean myself those rose tinted glasses.

And honestly the series has its faults. As much as there were things which made it so addictive in the first place. It was the perfect guilty pleasure.

And even now it still entertains, even if it doesn’t do much of anything else.

But I’m willing to admit that it was overrated a certain extent. And here are my reasons why.

#1 Everything was about romance

Even the parabatai bond was about romance. Although it was hinted upon. But every character had good romance lives. None of them didn’t work out at the end of the day or admitted their problems. And everyone just happened to always have a partner somewhere down the line.

And the most convenient of them all had been Tessa. Yes, I admit that she was the one which woke me to how romance was everything. As even almost a century and a half later, it was still about romance.

#2 The world

If there was anything that bothered me was how the world was limited to rather cliche magic systems. There was nothing about exploring or even about how it works. I will have liked to read about history when shadowhunters had to manage revolts, rebellions and coups against them. The first trilogy didn’t have mayhem all over.

It was just random attacks, and nothing that brought out what was wrong with the world at all. It was just saying that the others were wrong. And the whole idea of demons had been nice but not complex or giving the story added weight.

And the whole idea of Downworlders could have been used to highlight the issues of racism. When there is a superior race that can help us decide just how we can lead our lives right. But there wasn’t.

And as for the whole idea of how so many people were simply bullied into becoming shadow hunters. That just seemed wrong to be included. People should make their own choices even if their forced profession makes them look cool.

#3 The characters

Of all the main characters only one character had really caught my attention was Julian Blackthorn. Why? Because he was the most realistic character out there. He was willing to be responsible and take risks. Whereas all the others were simply copycats of each other.

Emma was basically Jace, except she is a female version of him. William was Jace cranked up to an eleven. Jem was nice, but little else. Clary was fiery, little else. Tessa loved books, and that was it.

But Julian gave me a feel of how characters should be. But even then he wasn’t enough. He wasn’t able to really carry or realize just how scarred that he is. He is taking on the job of an adult when he should not be one. It damages him, and I feel that more could be shown. Like how Julian doesn’t believe adults could make good decisions. The distrust that he has with them.

The characters for most part fail to really establish what is the most precious and important to them. That is the saddest thing about the story. For all its diversity it simply failed to make its characters stand through time as it didn’t give them a true core, belief or motive.

Emma and revenge don’t count as it was barely mentioned. Jace was a lost soul for most part. Clary, again had no idea what she was going to do. Same thing for Tessa, William. As for Jem, he gets a little more leeway since he is living on borrowed time. But I feel that he should have made a bucket list and really went through thinking about what he could do and accomplish before his time was up.

It was the lack of true motivation among the characters which really made me feel a disconnection. It was nice to get into but I didn’t bring anything out of it. And is the reason why I found it overrated. It was entertaining but it never impacted me in a way that had me thinking about it throughout all the life.


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