The thing about writing websites

Writing websites are plentiful that many authors have many many choices. And even what sort of end goal they have in mind at the end of the day. Are you trying to get published, or simply writing for fun? Are you looking for ways to improve your novel or to simply get readers.

There is a website which cater to each of them at the end of the day. As of now I have tried many and only stuck with RoyalRoad. Although I have expanded to Webnovel as of now and intending to go further in improving my own site.

But the thing is that most writing websites cater to the masses or are dominated by mostly one genre. Wattpad is well known for teen romance and RoyalRoad for LitRPG. Even new emerging sites like Webnovel are dominated by popular genres.

And for the time being finding a home for mine is tough, I do cross genres, I blend and blur the lines in them. I don’t use one genre’s tropes or conventions. I just wrote the story following the story. As much as I realize that being different could draw a different crowd to my work.

As much as I enjoyed writing it. I loved writing each chapter of the work I created. I enjoyed sitting down, pondering and sometimes even laughed while doing it.

And I wonder just what should have been my focus at the end of the day. Or even what I could have chosen to do instead.

But I feel that writing websites don’t cover much. And even those authors who choose one or the other realize tradeoffs. Serious writing sites helps to improve your writing, but it is just too focused on the craft. It isn’t what I want as I’m not going to pursue a degree in writing or making it my sole career. And it focuses a lot on novels which I don’t write. I don’t write novels because every time I revise I don’t get what I really want.

As for those who are fun it prioritizes popular genres, tropes over everything else. It doesn’t make works like mine easier or better. Or allow me to really find the readers I want to.

It is something that I realize as I go on. I have to work to find the readers myself and it doesn’t really change even if I were to publish. Most royalties are reducing while authors are expected to do more on their own.

And whenever I conform it is something that takes away from my story much more than it gives. And this is something that shaped my worldview.

I’m going to be finding my own way, whether it is by establishing a new website and community or deciding to self-publish on my own.


2 thoughts on “The thing about writing websites

    1. Thanks, and I certainly recognize that myself. Which is why I’m largely going on my own right now. It really is up to the write to choose what works best for them.


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