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The difference between coding and programming

It is a very very subtle difference. But it is still a difference. And as a student of IT I realized that the core difference between coding and programming.

What is it all about.

Programing is about programming machines to do something. Coding is creating codes from one language to the other.

That is a big difference in my opinion. Creating a program will be a lot more work, it requires logical thinking, it needs the creator to envision just how they want things to work. It is not about communicating with machines or having them help you. Trust me, most of my projects were bootstrapped and limited me to only a couple of things.

Coding on the other hand doesn’t really need that much. Coding is one step in the programming process, whereas programming is far wider than that.

That is what I learned from my own course as an IT student. IT in my school is getting me to really make a product, think about delivering it using the resources that are allocated to me. There are plenty of restrictions, and things they encourage or prefer us to use.

But everything that is taught to us is more than just coding. It is learning how to think and make solutions. Which is much more to that of a programmer or software developer.

Many people can code but who can actually become a real programmer? Few. And mostly why some advocate for coding languages to not become mainstream.

Because the real career of a programmer is very very specialized. It requires someone with a mind that can break a solution, a program and turn it into code. To build algorithms using code from scratch. It requires a lot of thinking especially in its implementation because it won’t be in English or in the real world.

It requires people to visualize.

Something that is doable for some. Some can’t adjust to the change that they have been using English, they work with others by communication. I had a friend who detested programming for its consistent challenges. And the fact that he simply could not break down a problem and figure out how to solve it using code and programs. I didn’t have the issue. I could figure it out with time given to me, and advice when I feel like I need it.

IT despite all is a very dynamic industry. In my country, it has become the choice for people with no idea what they want to do. For me, to an extent it is true. But I came into IT because tmof the fact that I could learn how to build websites, I could learn to make apps. So far I’m not disappointed with what I got.

Coding is far from programming because it is simply an entry into programming. To think like a programmer requires a lot of work, and most importantly the willingness to imagine a better way to do things. Consistently.

And that to me is the difference between coding and programming. And why a programmer is a coder but a coder is not a programmer.


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