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The Turn Of Midnight

I found this far less exciting than before. This lacked any real idea as to where it was heading. Quite unlike the story before where the story had been clear and purposeful.

Anne here has almost nothing to strive to. I didn’t feel as though she was making the effort to rebuild it, neither did she have any real goal. The Black Death was the best defining moment of the story.

Another had been Eleanor, who had caught my attention. And now she is simply nothing more than just there.

The story had charm when the Black Death came. Where it shown just what they did in such a situation. Where there was no such thing as a good answer or really a sure way. And time was of the essence as they could see.

They had to make a decision in a limited amount of time and would affect the most number of people. The story in my opinion could have been changed to showing the damage, the consequences of such a change.

But it didn’t. It didn’t show Anne rebuilding and realizing just how difficult it was. Or anything of the sort. I would be fascinated to know whether the King was demanding plenty of taxes to fund his war. Which would be interesting as the economy was devastated by the plague.

With crops mostly gone. And the town in shambles. But it didn’t. And it detracted a lot from the story and making the book rather dull.

Overall, I feel as though the story could have been a lot better and clearer if it had figured out what was the story. This didn’t suffer from the middle book syndrome. It simply had no idea what it was doing at all.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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