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City of Gods

This book definitely did have scenes that stood out to me. Even if it wasn’t perfect. The beginning was confusing but it managed to catch up later on.

The most memorable moment was where Abigail was confronting her father and eventually with her own mother. It was absolutely incredibly fascinating. I have went through the same experience before. And honestly for me, the situation was much worse and thus it was easier to figure out the right way.

And the way that she called out her mother and her father. Even as on the topic of divorce I usually accept that most would simply split up. And the struggles of the life that happen here.

Such as the moment where Terrence lost his job. It had profound moments that defined the story. Even as I admit it did not pick up until later. And had me thinking. But it was particularly the outburst that Warren displayed.

Especially as he debated the nature of marriage itself. Whether is it an institution used to tie people together even when separation is better. And the moment where he had simply let himself loose. Perhaps after years and years of doing so, and realizing that it really was something that he wanted.

Or the moment where Claire had broken down as well.

This story really gets to me in those moments. Even as it does not in anywhere else.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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