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Under The Pendulum Sun

This was a lot darker than my expectations. It was a delightful read from the beginning to the end, and something someone really needs if they’re looking for a book which touched a lot on faith.

I would say that I’m familiar with Renaissance and that in the recent months where I read book after book about philosophy, this fits very well. The constant debate of the theology behind. The intricacy of the world.

Even as the ending was open ended. I was half expecting a sequel and I do hope that perhaps one might be done.

This book sets itself apart from all the rest as it uses religion as a base, and uses it incredibly well. There is a lot of description about it and incorporates it with the more fantastical aspects of the Fae. With clever twists hidden in between.

I was a little miffed at how slow the book actually was at times. Where it seemed to spent the time on description, pondering. But it didn’t interfere with my enjoyment because it was presented in a very interesting manner.

And a strong use of the history that goes behind. But at the core, it is the story of a sister seeking her brother. Although I did think that the reason could have been stronger for Catherine.

Overall this book had a strong settings of theology, history. With excellent use of it to really keep my attention. And the same thing that kept it apart from other works in the historical fantasy as I know it.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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