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Mary B

This was not what I expected. I was hoping that perhaps it might be fascinating. To watch how a girl with little looks survive in the world.

Sadly, this simply was not the case. It really was not anything fun. And there was so little plot, almost no stakes at all. The writing emulated it but never got a good idea just what it was trying to do with Mary B.

It tells an independent woman. She behaves like any other woman. I don’t see her seeking to do anything. Trying to find her life and her path in a world where all a woman needs is exceptional beauty. And that was all they needed to really survive.

The most memorable moments were when she was acting like a lovestruck girl. To a guy that happened to be there.

Yeah, it didn’t struck me as particularly outstanding or showing any particular quality that would make her incredibly likeable.

Overall, the writing was fascinating but the story really could be better.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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