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Fullmetal Alchemist

This was something that refused to let me go even months after I completed the story.

The story opened a whole new perspective to the way I did things. In all essence, this was one of the best stories I had the chance to encounter.

The story’s biggest strength is the balance, the well rounded ways it was handled. The characters stuck to their principles, and made decisions and choices with their own consequences. The themes were delved into deeply, with great connections to each character and how their principles fuel their decisions.

The idea of ethics, the right way to doing things. The idea of having life above all. The preciousness of it. It was highlighted to make an interesting story.

As much as I realized that the story will have fallen apart if not for the main character. And that he is also one of the things that keep the story incredibly distinct. Apart from the fact that it is not driven by power levels, but by how creative, how skilled, how prepared the characters are. And also their condition when they step into any fight.

But still Edward holds a great deal for keeping my attention. Why? Because he is a different protagonist. His goals is to restore his and his brother’s body. He doesn’t have any lofty ambitions. A subversion to the shounen tropes of its time.

But because he was distinct, realistic and grounded. He isn’t one driven by bloodlust, hatred, dreams. He simply wants to achieve something badly because he has to fix a mistake and that his brother is living on borrowed time.

And a reason why I was glad I only got into this now. Only getting into this now allowed me to really appreciate the beauty of the storytelling. It came down on so many of the themes throughout the story. The motif that all life is precious, something that is held to the very end.

All the while having a plot that is tightly woven, with many emotional scenes that really tugged my heart. I was barely able to even see the last episode without even shedding years. And the finale was one of the best simply because it gave each character something to do and didn’t seem like it was for the sake of them being occupied because the next development will not make sense otherwise.

The ending was poignant, it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the story.

Edward sacrifices something, it is fitting. It makes sense why he does it, and also highlights something important. He got out of sacrificing a life of a life, he didn’t need to pay it in blood, he paid a price that others will consider steep but overall it isn’t.

Which is why I said that the main appeal of the story lies entirely in the storytelling. The world is expanded to fit the plot’s needs. The characters have growth but it never feels like a true character study. But the story is something that I gladly see again and again.


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