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Muse of Nightmares

When you read a book so good that it leaves you speechless? This is definitely one of them.

The plot here isn’t clear cut. But even then the story moves, there is direction. It isn’t easy to follow and it is something subtle. Most books from the get go are explosive in their plot points, this book is all about what happens beneath.

The writing is gorgeous. Exceptionally beautiful, thought-provoking. It melds well to introduce plenty of characters and plotlines. It is amazing in the choice of words they use to express the emotions.

And it complements the plot so well. It is somewhat slow, but the moment you hand over your heart it will tug at it in ways you don’t expect to. And you will feel things about the characters that you will rarely do with others.

This is that type of story. I simply couldn’t stop reading after a point, even if it isn’t a story of any great struggle. Two sister separated, one imprisoned and one forsaken. The history of Weep and the background of what truly happened.

Here they all come. And the writing serves as a great way to express all of this so well. The plot is subtle, as much as the characters are. Every one of them are likeable, and have their own story revealed here. Kora and Nova, the two sisters. Lazlo, Sarai and Minya.

The ending was closure as much as it was a step forward. Towards something new and for Lazlo to continue seeking something that is not here. The idea of worlds and the possibilities it may bring. The true nature of the Godspawn and what it means to him.

Overall, this is a mystical adventure. You don’t need to fully make sense of what is happening, because everything will be explained. It enthralled me, even without needing to set up any high stakes. And told a story that didn’t need to be epic, but told.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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