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The Iron Flower

I was just really bored. The Black Witch had more in terms of knowing what it wanted to do. Here, it is just a series of back and forth.

The plot is nonexistent. Things don’t get bad fast enough, and even then it doesn’t matter.

The story begins with plenty of threats to Elloren. But does it really matter? It doesn’t because most of the story doesn’t really revolve around it. It is not trying to solve the issue or anything or the sort.

Lukas merely wants to wandfast to Elloren. She wants to avoid that. They have a couple of conversations. But nothing happen literally for pages and pages on end. It has become such a chore that I was skimming.

This book certainly didn’t know what it needed to be. Elloren remains who she is, she doesn’t grow as a character any further. She doesn’t get herself into any bigger issues. She is stuck, but it isn’t a steadily worsening situation.

Overall, this book had all the issues of the middle book syndrome without any idea of how to resolve them. Or how to raise tension without giving away too much. Or deepening the plot to allow for it to relate back to Elloren.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


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