1 star · Books · Historical

The Huntingfield Paintress

It just didn’t feel good. A hundred pages in and I was feeling nothing about the book. I did not feel like I really wanted to continue reading or anything.

And the beginning had turned it off for me. Even as the chapters that continued it really made me really not keen on doing anything.

The story is difficult to read or understand where it is set in. I didn’t feel anything except for the moving of a house. The main character is nonexistent. A nonexistent entity for the story and that made it really really hard for me to even figure out just what the story was about.

And I didn’t really care much. So I dropped it somewhere in the middle. If anything, this is how you should not begin a story and hope to draw the reader in. And that sometimes I have terrible taste in picking books from shelves.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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