Having Multiple Interests

I have many many interests. That has been something known to me for quite a while. I enjoyed programming and making programs, as much as I loved the art of speculating history. Recently I began to look into business strategy, marketing as I realize that it will be better if I taught myself such things above anything else.

I enjoyed writing fiction, creating music and writing code and making programs. But it doesn’t stop there.

However it does mean many times I end up wondering whether I’m looking at the right area. Whether I’m focusing on the right elements and the right things. It always has been a war against myself.

And for all my passion I realize that I need to divide them, pick what do I like most about each interest and focus on it. This is something that I learned throughout the course of my education.

Where it begins by teaching you everything, asking you to find something that suits you the most. Like a man asked to pick a trade that he will settle for the rest of his life. It isn’t that way for me. Sometimes I’ll switch it, sometimes I’ll simply improve or combine it. But it is something that I realize can be beneficial as much as it is detrimental, the definition of a double edged sword.

And in this age, having the internet gave me an option. It gave me choices to pick and choose. It gave me the chance to really think about which aspects I love about each of them and use them to my benefit.

My country has always tried to force down creative people. The authors were people who either conformed and wrote purely about Singapore, or simply did something acceptable and all the rage. The music sector isn’t even that good, the best chance it could come to scraping original songs was holding a competition where old songs were simply recycled from day one.

But in this age, I realize I could change things. I could go with whatever I felt right, and I could try to make my own path rather than follow the roads made by my predecessors.


2 thoughts on “Having Multiple Interests

    1. It’s true. And I have been mostly doing that. Just picking some things in the side, it can be hard. But for me the main reason is because I’m fairly free when compared to others. Thus I keep it up and scale it back when things get busy.

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