Knowing what makes your work unique

I realized that for a long while, the best thing I could sell myself was the fact that I made my work my own. At this point I know that almost no one else will think the same way that I did. No one will write the story in the same way that I will.

At first it seems like a marketing nightmare, but to me it’s a step in the right direction. It means that I have finally came into my own as a writer. That my stories reflect myself much more than anyone else. And almost no one else can do the same exact thing I did. It means that I’m a step closer to my dreams.

This to me is important to every writer. The only way to ensure that you will stand out in a crowd of other writers is what your bring to a table. That when readers read your book, they only dream and imagine your vision.

To not stand out is to be forgotten. That means that the reader simply won’t think about us. I realized that the only way I could enter into the reader’s heart was to be earnest in what I did, by writing out the dream and vision I had for my own story.

By conveying what I wanted, and what I had dreamed for years. Having your own style means that you have emerged into your own. Because you simply cannot rely on another to write the story. It also means that you enjoy what you’re writing. As though you had been sucked into your own very world.

But how do you manage to make your work unique and different?

#1 Read other books

This was the key to my realization. I read all sorts of books, all sorts of stories. But none of them captured the tale I was trying to tell. None of them dragged me into a world that was like mine.

There was always something missing, and I was impressed by how authors managed to do what they could with their stories. Not so much on how much alike it was to mine.

#2 Let yourself imagine

This was the beginning point of one of the works I consider to be my masterpiece. I didn’t bother trying to limit myself, I let my vision run wild and at the end I was more satisfied with my work than ever. I was impressed with what I had.

As much as the writing process of it had been entertaining. I always sought new ways to enhance the style and the plot, to get to the vision that I had for the story. And to ensure that the story was tight and entertaining without moments of dragging.

#3 Take your time

I realize the real reason why I was able to come up with something like this was solely because of the time I had to think about it.

I took three years to refine my masterpiece. I never gave up upon it because it was a pure passion project. No matter what shape or form it took, whether writing it had been a nightmare or enjoyable despite the difficulties. I didn’t give up. And I simply went back to the drawing board each time it failed.

What about you? How did you know what is unique about your story? Leave it in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Knowing what makes your work unique

  1. The best advice I ever received was if you want to write science fiction you’ve probably read enough science fiction and should now read other genres. The implication being that to get to that point you’ve probably read a lot of science fiction. Obviously the genre is interchangeable.

    It’s a great way to make sure you don’t end up mimicking tour favourite authors. It also gives you a better understanding of what works in other genres and how you might apply it to what you write.

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    1. It is so. Even as a mostly historical fiction writer, I read way beyond my genres. And it has helped me a lot as I was writing, at least to learn different ways of approaching something and to get inspired or know what’s tired and done

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