Failure is normal

After nearly seven failed attempts, I realized that each time I simply learn something new. I add something to my skill set and learn how to become a better person.

Failure has become normal to me now. I expect it, I feel it but I no longer fear it. I think about ways to understand why I failed. A failure is a lesson learned, an experienced gained. And each time I failed, I started out with something better for the next.

I have written six novels. Most of them were simply renditions of a few ideas. But it was good for me to explore the avenues of one idea. I could take it to the brink and realize just what was wrong with it, and I learned a lot on idea conceptualization and generation afterwards.

Failure is simply a part of a journey. A landmark that I have reached somewhere. That I began and reached a place. But it isn’t good enough yet.

As much as failure will be a normal part of an artist’s life. There is no way to be absolutely correct, and that is why I enjoy create pursuits. Because of the possibilities, the ways that I know that I can use another method or another road to a viable solution.

And each day is a new challenge, and each time I work I need a new effort, I can’t let myself repeat or stagnate. That was the true mistake.

I needed to keep trying, keep looking. I needed to continue living and experiencing. That itself changed my perspective as I experienced setbacks, work through frustrations. And then find the passion in myself to continue looking forward.

Each time I came back with a better sense. The last few times I learned what went into a story. Now, I’m focusing purely on making my writing better, learning the art of editing.

At this point, I feel that I have come a long way. I have managed to figure out just what it truly takes to write and to ensure that it is of professional quality.

But first it took a lot of failure to get me there. It took me a lot of them navigating a map that only had the destination but no ending. But for me, I didn’t mind it. It was a journey to know what mattered to me and whether I could truly weather it. Mostly because I’m really young(17) and I realize that I didn’t need to try and make things work faster. It was more important for me to know what mattered first.

And I think that was the best advice to all writers. Especially if you’re young or just starting out.

And as they all say, “the road to success is paved with failure.=


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