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This was one of the strangest works I have ever read. It takes an interesting topic and then makes it so strange to read. This was indeed strange because of how I had been completely interested and yet rather disconnected.

It wasn’t the standard type of story and it didn’t really just became the best thing I have read. It was a mixture of both. It took an interesting concept, satirize it. And managed to get me reading to the end.

A fact that really bothered me more was the narration and the writing. A little hard to adjust but eventually I got to it. And the story was a get rich story. Except that wealth isn’t always the answer.

And the ending where Warner grew up so big that he was a hazard was one of the best moments the story has. And suggests that too much of one thing isn’t a good idea. And wealth has its own downsides too.

It is an interesting point to note just how he chooses to showcase it. The beginning had been fascinating as it did catch my attention on how poorly treated the littlepoors were. Where their bodies were so small that an education was not necessary to them.

And highlights the class divides and how it is not a fair system. It is a story which manages to make jabs at the thing it wants to. Although it wasn’t particularly funny.

The point of view was certainly interesting. Even as at times I felt that it had been too vague and more could have been done to give me a clearer picture of what was going on.

Overall, this work had been really interesting to read. It isn’t the perfect and the writing was something that really hampered my ability to like it. But other than that it was a brilliant story and subject to tackle.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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