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Making your own education

The art of educating ourselves does not always lie in the classroom. I realized that I didn’t really learn a ton of things or really found formal education all that useful.

Instead, I sought to expand my own skillset using online courses and picking up new skills that I feel I will need. At this point, I have reached a certain point where I feel that I don’t need to really pursue a higher education in a normal field.

I did this mostly because I wanted to learn more. And that I simply didn’t want to wait and couldn’t wait. Now that I have had some time sitting down and learning I feel a lot more alive.

Sometimes there are things that only you can teach yourself or it simply can’t be taught in the classroom. And today is where I’ll be giving you advice on how to structure your own education and expand your knowledge in areas which you are curious about.

#1 List down the fields you’re interested in

It doesn’t matter if it’s abstract, big or seems too niche. The internet is a wealth of knowledge and that means that you can get a head start by looking things up online before you even began to code.

List them all down and slowly build your own skills. Find ways to practice as I realize that this was how I best managed to ingrain it.

But first you must know just how interested you are in a specific field before you decide to invest a ton of money inside. Or in certain cases decide to jump in before that. And if you intend to pursue any of them as a career it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do a little research.

#2 Prioritise

Knowing in what order you’re pursuing your goals is important too. I often didn’t think much and simply started on so many things that I simply realized that I was not really good at some of them. Because I was simply trying to learn to walk before I could even crawl. And those skills required more time for me to hone and taking a slower approach will be the best.

And then the next I focused had been the things I was good at. I started out with a lot of experience writing a blog and managing it, as well as having a lot of experience forcing myself to write even when I’m not inspired.

Which pushed me to look into copywriting and editing as what I should go about first. Figure out just what comes most naturally to you first, or if you have something you’re really passionate or curious about. Then you should began to learn more about it.

I made the mistake of not thinking into it, or realizing the difference between just a passing interest and a hobby that I am skilled in. The former needed more time from me to really understand and also learn how to master it, it required me to invest a lot more time.

So do the same, ask yourself just what is the most important to you. What will you be willing to spend money to invest in or a lot of time? And understand that it will still be a road of countless frustrations.

#3 Dedicate your time

Once you have decided it can’t be just for a day or two that you decide to pursue this and then just put it down. It has to be for a longer term than that, and that means knowing how to ensure that you remain interested and also satisfied at your own progress.

I had many frustrations but it was more from the fact that I was expecting too much too soon. It would have been better for me to have stretched the time out and slowly figure everything out from there.

Ensure that you would be able to dedicate time to practicing or learning. Ensure that you will stick to it everyday.

What would you do if you want to learn something on your own? Leave them in the comments below


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