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One Giant Leap

Again, I never had much expectations. And the climax did manage to get me reading. But for the most part the story was just so forgettable.

It started off rather decently. But it just didn’t seem to hook me at all. The story was poorly thought out and poorly paced. Although there was something but nothing stood out.

The pages felt rather lifeless in them. And the best part had been the climax. But I just couldn’t understand what was the point. It was not telling a good story. And introduced a very haphazard plot point quite late into the story. One that served no purpose.

I thought it was going to be a trilogy only to see what it wasn’t. It was just going to end there. The entire book was way too short and didn’t fill anything up with anything meaningful.

Even as the beginning just had way too many characters. And even when they said the Earth was in danger, I had almost no emotion for it.

This just felt generic and felt as though it needed to introduce a bunch of fancy terms and try to make it seem as though it was impossible to save. Even as I thought one thing was going to be the central conflict and then it just kinda wasn’t.

Overall, rather clunky and felt that it had no idea what it was trying to do.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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