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A Study In Treason

This was just bland. The writing at times was interesting. But overall it was just unable to really get me hooked on the mystery.

It is a shame as the beginning caught my attention. As far as I know, concerning the ikebana and the deduction. It was interesting to read.

Although the latter can’t be said for the later pages. A weakness I can think of is the consistent comparison between Joanna and her father. It felt unnecessary. And the first couple of pages just felt strange. Out of place in the story settings.

And then the rest of it just lost its momentum. I couldn’t feel anything for it. Even as it set up two suspects, but I didn’t care about either. There wasn’t anyone who wanted the mystery solved. Joanna treated it as another case that needed to be finished.

Johnnie is just there as the video camera. And the mystery just feel so disengaged from its main characters. Or it doesn’t even show them struggling. Just moving from one point to the other.

Overall, it has some good moments but the rest was just generic.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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