The art of patience

As of now, I have never been more aware of how patience helps me more than anything else. It prevents me from making rash decisions and also made me realize just how I needed to learn it. I needed to stop doing.


Because it would give me a better idea on how proceed better. Sometimes you simply need to take a step back and realize that you don’t need to finish things fast. You simply need to do it well. Do quality work, time yourself accordingly.

But it is knowing how not to rush into matters. I did it without having a solid plan, when on hindsight I really should have before I started to spend and I should have really gave thought to whether it was a good thing to do.

Patience now has given me time to think carefully about my actions. And how I should be approaching every step. Now I am clearer than ever on how I can do this. And how I should go on.

And even as where I should go next as an author still remains unclear. I simply need to standstill, think before I realize where I truly have to be.

I don’t need to come to a decision, I simply need to wait and see whether I should continue. And I realize that I have the time to slowly think about it.

And that it won’t hurt if I simply took a break for a short while. Just to understand what I’m doing and plan for the future.

And my piece of advice: when in doubt just don’t make a decision yet. Take a chance to think about the consequences and whether you will get something more out of it. Something that I wished I had done as well. But it’s simply a lesson that I have to love.


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