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The Corset

This was something that would linger in my mind. And the moment I started to read, it simply refused to let me go. I finished the book in one sitting.

It is a book about murder, tales and most importantly it is a book about society. How in one end it is so perfect, where everyone is courteous, polite and to the other where it was so dark.

As for which side I found myself feeling the most. It would be the latter. The former is the tale of Dorothea, while the latter is the tale of Ruth. The former is a woman who has everything, but simply cannot abide by the only thing expected of her: marry a man equal to her.

While Ruth only wished for the chance to see her mother again. And even in such powerlessness, she has the ability to do something.

The circumstances she finds herself in is often worse and worse. And each time, it doesn’t get any better. Except that she would sink deeper and deeper into it.

Although the greatest mystery of the story would lie in the murder of Kate Metyard. The rest were far more straightforward and clear. But that remains the more puzzling thing.

But back to the way it tells society in two distinct ways. One is full of restrictions, and the other is full of suppression. Both of which limit and control the main characters, the former eventually having her realize that her father is not who she thinks he is. And the latter, where she went from one terrible situation to another.

But above all, it’s the ending which would baffle, intrigue and probably haunt me. It isn’t answered in any way, but it also is a great way to end.

Above all, this was a delightful, haunting read. The writing served as the way to it, it coming alive completely. And a story that would hook you and never let you go.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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